Chatbot Market 2022: Stats, Trends, Size & Ecosystem Research

Conversational bots can help a lot on that front – they make marketing easier and more streamlined by automating some of the processes, particularly those at the early stages. Most of the time, businesses find it hard to put together the work and resources needed to make their marketing successful. As one of the first […]

The first movers creating Generative Design & AI tools for architecture Opinion Building Design

Artificial Intelligence: how can architects incorporate Midjourney into their design process? We’ll then workshop to identify the business scenarios that drives the most benefit and are achievable in short order. We then move to build the priority use case(s), prove the value and begin your organisation’s transformation with generative AI. However, the upcoming phase of […]

How to Get a Six-Figure Job as an AI Prompt Engineer

Designing Generative AI to Work for People with Disabilities As workers get increasing fluent, he adds, they can find themselves ahead of the curve, and at a distinct advantage in the workplace. The ability to “more quickly and better diagnose problems”, says Salomons, won’t replace expertise – while AI can identify problems, humans still need […]